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Scanner Pro app.

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Apps for iPad

I love this app. on my iPad and I have used it a lot in class. It costs less than $8.00 and turns your iPad into a scanner. I have used this to scan sample student work to show other students via Edmodo¬†or on the electronic white board; I have scanned important documents that are in hardcopy so I can send then electronically; I have scanned notes written on the board in class for students who were absent or for referring to next class. What makes this better (in my view) than taking a photo is that I can very easily upload the scans to various places – email; Google drive; Edmodo¬†library etc. The clarity is also great and it has saved me from having to locate an unused photocopier when I need to scan – also, if you are in class and need to scan something it is awesome!! Love it love it love……


BBC iPlayer

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Apps for iPad

If, like me, you find free to air TV utterly dismal then let me introduce you to a fantastic app. for iPad – it is the BBC iplayer. This app gives you access to lots of BBC TV programs, many for free. However, for just under $10 a month you can have unlimited access to their truly vast collection. So far I have worked my way through 4 series of Primeval; episodes of The Goodies (comedy gold!); some weird but good short films; a great modern drama version of Frankenstein and am currently viewing Survivors. Every Doctor Who episode is also here……..(am I sounding too much like a Sci Fi nerd?) You can stream them easily if you have a decent internet connection – I hook the iPad up to the TV so I have the big screen, it plays automatically on HDMI – but can also download them to watch offline later if you want (this takes time though). It’s BBC heaven. Subscription is linked to your iTunes account so is easily done.