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Web 2.0 Guru – Tools By Subject.

Wow, this looks seriously useful. A long list of different web 2.0 tools set out by subject for us to explore. There are enough links here to keep me busy for some time…lucky the weather is pretty terrible outside (you would not think it was summer that is for sure). I might also subscribe to this wiki to see if there are some other gems ripe for discovery!


Richard Byrne is someone definitely¬†worth getting acquainted with if you want tips and tools for ICT. His blog Free Technology for Teachers at¬†is excellent. He also publishes terrific stuff – the link above will lead you to one of these – 77 things for teachers to try this summer – which is an annotated list of web2.0 tools/sites organised into KLAs. If you want to learn more about using technology in the classroom this Richard Byrne’s blog would be great place to start.