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iPad App. Kokoda

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Having recently become the proud (but somewhat confused) owner of a new iPad I have been looking for educational apps. that I can use to justify spending such a large amount on a shiny new toy. Then, as fate would have it, there was an article in the newspaper about the RSL launching an app. about Kokoda. The link will take you to another article that also tells you about it. Having put the app. on I have found it to be both good and bad. Good in that the information provided is amazingly useful for history teachers and most of the interactive things work. Bad in that some of the interactive features are ‘stubborn’ and either won’t work or work very reluctantly. Now, it MAY be that the internet connection at school is not so good (….we know it isn’t) but I have tried it at home too. However, I would still recommend it, as I said, as there are still loads of great things about it. Now I just need to work out how to connect my iPad to the electronic whiteboard…..


Free Audio Book Downloads.

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

A treasure trove for English teachers and fans of audio books everywhere. Free (yes free) downloads of audio books with a wide range available. Different ways of downloading are available too – I am now the eager ‘owner’ of some Sherlock Holmes stories, Beowulf and War of the Worlds. Weee. These are out of copyright texts so don’t go looking for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, but the range is quite impressive.


Graffiti Creator

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is a great little site for creating short but engaging headings and signs using graffiti style writing. Making one is pretty straightforward and I think you will work it out, but the way to save your work is to use your ‘snipping tool’. You will find this under programs – all programs – snipping tool (I am assuming you are a teacher in a government school with a department laptop and the suite of tools that comes with it) – this tool is great and super simple to use.


Life of Whammy timeline | Timetoast timelines.

Timetoast is a fairly simple program you can use to create interactive timelines. Very useful for history classes of course but also for biographies of authors or characters from novels. Students could create personal timelines (be careful of using identifying photos though).

You sign up, which is very quick and easy, then ‘create a new timeline’. Choose the span of the timeline (ie a start and end date). Then ‘add an event’. Here you have a number of options. You give the event a title, for example ‘Elvis is born’. You can also upload an image for this particular event as well as include a detailed description or/and add a link to a website. When you have finished you need to ‘publish’ so others can see it, you use the URL that has been created. Mine was (or use the direct link above)

The finished product looks quite effective. I did find the uploading of photos a bit slow to start but then it seemed to work ok…! The embed code is available which is what I used here. You can view the timeline 2 ways -choose  ‘text view’

And if you are wondering why I created a biography about my sheep it’s because that was what I had photos of to upload……he really is my ram and he really does whamm things too….but his lambs are very tasty (woof..and apologies to vegetarians)

So Unit one of my Personal Learning Network PD is complete and I am now the proud parent of two blogs! I have found wordpress relatively easy to use to establish and maintain a blog with and think it would be a good tool to use in the classroom or the library setting. However, I would like much more information on what widgets are and what they do – for example I have seen some blogs that have a map showing where comment originate – how do I get that one?

And so it begins…

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today I began my Personal Learning Network online professional development (bit of a mouthful!) and we have to start a blog as part of it. So..what to blog about? I have often thought that a blog was not for me because, let’s be truthful here, my life isn’t that exciting…but then I realised I should go with my strengths. One of these is that I AM a resource hound, I am always sniffing out great stuff that I would love to share with others. So, along with using this blog to reflect on my ‘ICT journey'(bit of a cliche) I will also use this blog to post and discuss some of the ‘good stuff’ I have found in my travels. I did think to myself that all you cyber gurus might already know about the great things I am just discovering. But then I thought, heck, it’s a big big place the www so surely I might have a chance of steering you to something useful once in a while. So (supported by Cadbury’s chocolate covered Turkish delights and a handful of Jersey Caramels) I go boldly forth into the world of blogging. Come with me…it should be fun!
First resource ‘bone’ I want to dig up and share – a great fun site to use when analysing the validity of websites –